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 PhonixGuard joining?

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Site Member

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Age : 26
Location : Denmark
Class : Agi Knight Wink
Charactername : PhonixGuard
Registration date : 2008-07-11

PostSubject: PhonixGuard joining?   Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:28 pm

Hallo all, i haven't got anything special to say.. hm.. I just wanted to regi. myself, say hallo and check up on everyone , that's pretty much it.. well i hope you are all fine Smile

I am okay and im getting better ^^

Wishing you all the best of Luck and Joy =)
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Location : The Netherlands
Class : Heal Fire Mage
Charactername : Natsunekohime
Registration date : 2008-04-17

PostSubject: Re: PhonixGuard joining?   Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:52 am

Maroruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Smile Heey cat
Good to hear your getting better cheers

<-- doing good (weeds are always doing good scratch )

Hope to see you on kal again, really missed ya Sad
gl and hf
Greetz Natsu
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Number of posts : 26
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Location : The Netherlands
Class : Sexy CJB/splasher
Charactername : Alimenda
Registration date : 2008-04-23

PostSubject: :D   Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:25 am

Phoooooniiiix Very Happy:D nice to hear ya again^^ We're all missing you really much, or at least I do Wink
And good to hear you are fine:D
I'm not pretty firne but nvm that Wink for all readers I'm fine as usual xD Very Happy
(my story is coming up soon,, some pages of it;) )
Hope to see you in kal soon again so we can make nice hunt-boxes-in-high-lvl-areas-parties again Wink

See you soon phoni Very Happy
Cheers Very Happy


Never blame a healer for dying, they save you time by time! <3

xxNash / Ali
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PostSubject: Re: PhonixGuard joining?   

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PhonixGuard joining?
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